Family Law

At Delfino Madden, we understand that family law is a unique practice. A client usually comes to us during one of the most difficult times in their life. Their marriage and their family is so integral to their identity that, when their family falters, they often feel they are losing control of every part of their lives. They are frequently terrified about their future and feel completely overwhelmed by the process. Which is why, in addition to providing our clients with sound and strategic legal representation, we believe it is equally important to partner with them to ensure they feel supported. This partnering begins with the first consultation/meeting during which we actively listen and attempt to outline realistic expectations. We explain the process in understandable terms, we jointly develop a plan and we work with our clients to help them regain a sense of control over their lives and a sense that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Delfino Madden’s Family Law practice handles all aspects of family law proceedings including Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation, Child Custody (including interjurisdictional custody disputes), Child Support, Spousal Support, Guardianships and Domestic Violence proceedings. Many of our cases involve complex financial circumstances that most family law practitioners are ill-equipped to handle. Our office regularly handles matters involving small to medium-sized family businesses, necessitating the use of forensic accountants and tax expertise to determine value and income available for payment of support. Our family law attorneys also draft and review pre- and post-marital agreements as part of our practice, often in cases where one or both parties have complex financial circumstances and significant wealth.

In many instances, we are successful in obtaining favorable results for our clients through direct negotiations and mediation, without going to court. When court proceedings are unavoidable, our office is well prepared. Partner John O’Malley has been a Certified Family Law Specialist since 2003 and has exclusively practiced family law since 1999. He has competently handled hundreds of contested hearings and over 30 contested trials on issues ranging from business valuation and income available to pay child and spousal support to child custody “move away” issues and obtaining domestic violence restraining orders. The associates, paralegals and other legal staff at Delfino Madden are also extraordinarily professional and skilled and share the same commitment and sensitivity to the needs of their clients.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with the highest caliber legal representation with a consistent focus on clear communication and realistic expectations. Our job is to get our clients through this difficult chapter so they can rebuild their lives and begin the process of healing.